About Us

Our Story

Sharp Lead Design was formed by Karl in 2012 with a passion and goal of helping small to medium sized businesses gain the exposure and visibility they need to thrive in New Zealands economy.

We help these businesses take off and grow by creating a strong presence through the use of effective graphic design, social media and web design solutions.

As Director of the company the name 'Sharp Lead Design' originates from when my Graphic Design teacher in High School, Mrs Brodie would always tell us "you must always use a sharp pencil" to ensure we had clean drawings, this phrase was etched into my brain, has stuck with me since and is a good play on the clean edge we have over our competition.

Why Choose Us?

You can sit in your home and have us come to you for meetings
You don't need to worry about not being understood or not being able to understand us
You have full control of the project and in which direction to take it
You can come to us for anything, whether it be graphic, social media or web help
You can feel rest assured that we will go the extra mile for you adding a unique touch
Your expectations on cost, timing and quality will all be met to a high standard

To learn more about Karl or how we can help you and your business, read on below.

A bit about Karl

karl swinkels

From the age of 5 I was always either attending art classes or doing ceramics with my Mother and I've had a creative nature from a young age. Following my High School years at MAGS (Mount Albert Grammar School) I made the decision to pursue a career in Product Design. I later shifted my focus to Graphic and Web Design, becoming a Certified Internet Webmaster, with a focus on Web Development and Web Security.

Still a resident of Auckland (but catering to all of New Zealand) I have been running Sharp Lead Design for the past 3 years and have loved every moment, with a passion for helping the startups and small to medium sized businesses of New Zealand get to their feet and running.

Facts About Me

  • Could get a New Zealand, Australian, Dutch or Irish passport at any time
  • Aside from my work I enjoy and follow Rugby quite religiously
  • Has an extreme sweet tooth! Chocolate is my weakness!
  • Dedicated over 5 years to attaining a Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo
  • Burgerfuel will never allow for me to become a Vegetarian... or Steak
  • I have more (step)siblings then I can count on one hand
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