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We come out to you and learn about your business, your passion and you. This phase is an exploration phase, discovering where you want to take your business, why you want our help and how we can provide it. During our initial meeting we will outline clear goals for you and your business and how we can achieve them.


Further exploration is taken to define and understand your target market, how they think and how they will react to the solutions we come up with for reaching the goals we have uncovered following the initial meeting. This will require more discussion to learn the finer details of your goal for your business and how we approach achieving it.


The process of achieving those goals is commenced and the design solutions discussed are started. This process involves ongoing communication between ourselves and you, ensuring that the process is inclusive and provides you with an outcome that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.


When the foundation of the project is laid we then collaborate with you on the best way to refine and develop the logo, website or whatever project it is that we are working on with you in a way that best delivers on the outcome or goal that you are hoping to achieve.


Once the project has been fully developed we add the finishing touches to the project and then hand it to you or in the case of a website or online campaign, set it to go live all the while offering ongoing support and help with the future of your business in mind.