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Social Media Marketing Strategy & Campaigns with Originality

With social media being all over the web, we help businesses create ones that are appropriate for their application, are focused on that business' market, get great results and lastly are original. We construct campaigns that follow up, are ongoing and never have an end date.

Dynamic Digital Marketing

Whether you want to create a digital marketing piece or an advertising banner, we create those that command the attention of your audience and pack that dynamic, memorable punch that only a well targeted and thought out advertisement can.

Search Engine Marketing that Reaches

Many kiwi businesses struggle to rank at the top of search engines and don't know where to start with Search Engine Marketing. This is when we research and analyse how your business can get to the top of the search results with the most value for money, in combination with effective on page Search Engine Optimisation for your website.

Alluring PPC (Pay Per Click) and AdWords Campaigns

PPC and AdWords campaigns are fantastic for driving traffic to your website while it is in it's growth stage. We take the hassle out for you and with a bit of know how have campaigns running that convert a large amount of that traffic into paying customers which covers the cost of the campaign itself and in most cases runs it at a profit!

Digital Marketing Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Supportive Social Media Management

Sure it's easy enough to go and make a post on your Facebook page, or to send a quick tweet out. But do you have the time to get the most out of these channels to market? We have access to multiple developer tools that allows for some of the most thorough social media management systems. We can manage these channels for you and allow you to get on with what is important to your business and its growth. All the while tapping into a global database of opportunities that would otherwise remain untapped.

Facebook Apps and Competitions which Flow

So your Facebook page is humming along fine with some engagement. What about getting even more? Having people subscribe to your newsletter? Sharing a promotion with their friends? We can help you craft a social competition or Facebook Apps that go hand in hand with growing your business' online presence.

YouTube Intros and Video Editing that add Value

If you think technology is moving at an exponential rate, the way in which we consume information online is moving even faster. Right now video is the fastest growing form of digital media, let your business become part of the growth by letting us help with some slick video editing and snazzy YouTube intros like our one that will boost your brands visibility.

Email Marketing and Engaging E-Newletters

Do you want to build an email campaign that nurtures a strong relationship with your followers? Are you struggling to come up with E Newsletter content frequently? Our Email marketing strategies help create an ongoing relationship with your customers and one that keeps them engaged, from one newsletter to the next.

Never Miss Out On Reaching Your Customers

Digital Strategy and Planning that's Sensible

Planning and Strategy are key to any social marketing campaign and sure this takes time, effort and money, but like my Father always says "prep is key". We do the hard yards and figure out the best plan of attack for your campaign on a whole and look at it from different perspectives, finding flaws in it, so that once the prep work has been done and your campaign is under way, you get the most efficient result possible.

Campaign Optimisation, Analytics and UnderstandableReports

We provide systematic campaign optimisation with reports and analysis' of how your campaign faired and what could be better done next time. Providing reports that are understandable and tangible for our clients is key and we work to make projections of what the campaign can achieve based on the changes we deem ideal to increasing its success.